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Accommodation Contract

Accommodation Contract
(Scope of application)
【Article 1】 Accommodation contracts and related contracts concluded by this facility with customers shall be as defined in this agreement, and matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be in accordance with laws and established customs.
(Application for accommodation contract)
【Article 2】 Those who intend to apply for an accommodation contract with this facility must submit the following matters to the facility.
(1) Your name
(2) Accommodation date and estimated arrival time
(3) Customer contact information
(4) Other matters deemed necessary by the facility
(Establishment of accommodation contract etc.)
【Article 3】 The accommodation contract shall be concluded when the facility accepts the application of the previous article. However, this does not apply when it is proved that the facility did not consent.
2. When an accommodation contract is established in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the accommodation fee for the entire accommodation period will be paid before the start of the accommodation or by the date designated by the facility.
3. If the accommodation fee set forth in paragraph 2 cannot be paid by the date specified by the facility pursuant to the provisions of the same paragraph, the accommodation contract will be lost.
(Rejection and cancellation of this facility's contract)
【Article 4】 This facility may refuse and cancel accommodation contracts in the following cases.
(1) When the application for accommodation does not comply with these terms and conditions.
(2) When a guest room cannot be provided due to full occupancy.
(3) If you have assault, intimidation, extortion, unfair demand, gambling, possession or use of drugs, guns, swords and similar items not permitted by law in the facility, other users When there is a risk of inconvenience, or other acts that violate laws or public order and morals
(4) When a customer is a member of a gang or related group or other anti-social forces as stipulated in the Prefectural Ordinance on Prevention of Unfair Conduct by Gangsters and the Ordinance of Gangbang
(5) When a customer makes a nuisance to other guests.
(6) When the customer is clearly recognized as a contagious person.
(7) When a service or other burden exceeding a reasonable range is required for accommodation.
(8) When it is not possible to stay due to natural disasters, failure of facilities, or other unavoidable reasons.
(9) When you do not follow mischief for fire-fighting equipment, etc., or other prohibited items (limited to those necessary for fire prevention) established by this facility.
(10) When the customer is a drunk, etc., may cause trouble to other customers, or may hinder the operation of the facility, or acts that cause trouble to other customers or employees of the facility .
(11) When the customer is in a state where mental and physical problems are clearly recognized.
(12) When used only by minors.
(13) When applying for accommodation for the purpose of transferring the right to accommodation to another.
(14) When you apply for accommodation even though you do not actually intend to stay.
(15) In addition, when falling under the various laws and regulations or Okinawa Prefecture regulations etc. can be refused.
2. Notification of cancellation based on the preceding paragraph shall be given verbally or by telephone, e-mail, or written to the contact information of the customer who has made a proposal under (Article 2) and the notification shall be made according to (Article 2) If the contact information is not reached even if it is notified, it can be handled as if it has been reached when the period that should normally be reached has passed.
3. If the facility cancels the accommodation contract based on the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs, the accommodation fee will not be refunded except in the cases of (Article 4) (6) and (8).
(Registration of accommodation)
【Article 5】 The customer must register the following items at the front office of the facility on the day of accommodation.
(1) Your name, age, gender, address and occupation
(2) For foreigners, nationality, passport number, place of entry and date of entry
(3) Departure date and scheduled departure time
(4) Other matters deemed necessary by the facility
(Room usage time)
【Article 6】 The customer can use the guest rooms of the facility from the check-in time to the check-out time specified by the facility. However, When staying consecutively, it can be used all day except for arrival and departure dates.
2. Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, this facility may respond to the use of guest rooms outside the hours specified in the same paragraph. In this case, the following additional charges will be charged.
(1) Less than 3 hours is 30% of room charge
(2) Less than 6 hours is 50% of room charge
(3) more than 6 hours is 100% of room charge
3. Even if it is within the time that the customer can use the guest room based on the preceding two paragraphs, we will enter the guest room and take necessary measures when necessary for safety and hygiene management and other operational management of this facility.
(Comply with usage rules)
【Article 7】 Customers shall comply with the usage rules established by the facility.
(business hours)
【Article 8】 The front desk hours of this facility are from 8am to 7pm.
However, this does not apply if there is an urgent need.
(Payment of charges)
【Article 9】 The breakdown of the accommodation charges that the customer should pay is basic accommodation charges, incidental charges and consumption tax.
2. Payment of the accommodation fee, etc. set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be made at the front desk or a place designated by the facility by the method of using Japanese yen or the payment method approved by the facility upon arrival of the customer or when requested by the facility.
3. After the facility has provided a guest room to the customer and it has become available for use, the customer will be charged for the accommodation fee even if the customer does not stay overnight.
(Responsibilities of this facility)
【Article 10】 This facility will compensate for damages up to 50,000 yen in the event of damage to the customer due to non-compliance with accommodation contracts and related contracts, or illegal activities.
(Handling when contracted guest rooms cannot be provided)
【Article 11】 If this facility cannot provide a guest room that is contracted to the customer, it shall obtain the consent of the customer and arrange other accommodation facilities under the same conditions as much as possible.
2. If the facility cannot arrange other accommodation facilities regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the compensation fee will be paid to the guest up to the amount equivalent to the cancellation fee, and the compensation fee will be the amount of damages. However, no compensation fee will be paid if there is no reason to be attributed to the facility regarding the inability to provide guest rooms.
(Handling of deposits, etc.)
【Article 12】 In the event of damages such as loss or damage to goods or cash and valuables deposited by customers at the front desk, this facility will not be liable for any damage such as loss or damage.
2. In the event of damage such as loss or damage to goods or cash and valuables brought into the guest room by the customer, we will not be liable for any damage such as loss or damage.
(Storage of baggage or portable items for guests)
【Article 13】 If your baggage arrives at the facility prior to your stay, it will be held responsibly only when the facility understands it prior to arrival and will hand it to you when you check in at the front desk .
2. If the customer's baggage or personal belongings have been left behind at the facility after the customer has checked out, the facility will contact the owner and provide instructions if the owner is found. Suppose you want. However, if there is no instruction from the owner, or if the owner is not known, it will be stored for 7 days including the date of discovery and then delivered to the nearest police station.
(Responsibility for parking)
【Article 14】 When customers use the parking lot of this facility, this facility will secure the parking place and will not be responsible for any troubles such as accidents, theft, loss, damage, contamination, etc. Hmm.
(Responsibility of the guest)
【Article 15】 When the facility suffers expenses for cleaning / repair of guest rooms, loss of sales opportunities, or other damages due to the customer's breach of this agreement or usage rules and other reasons attributable to the customer, The customer will be liable for damages incurred by the facility.
2. If damage is caused to a third party in connection with the use of this facility, it shall be resolved at the customer's own risk. If this causes damage to this facility, the customer will be compensated for the damage.
(About cancellation)

【Article 16】 If the customer cancels the reservation or changes the schedule during the following period, you will be charged the following cancellation fee. If payment has already been made, the amount after deducting the cancellation fee and transfer fee will be refunded by bank transfer.
60 to 8 days before,    10% of the total accommodation price
7 to 2 days before,      50% of the total accommodation price
 1 day~  before,     100% of  the total accommodation price
  NO SHOW,     100% of the total accommodation price