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Usage Rules

This facility has “Usage Rules” that are integrated with “Accommodation Contract” to ensure safe and comfortable use for customers. If you violate this rule, the accommodation contract may be canceled in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the accommodation agreement.

Usage Rules(Rule and Regulations)
1. The property offers free Wi-Fi.
For the network name (SSID) and password (security key), see "User's Guide".

This facility does not guarantee Wi-Fi connection status and communication speed, and is not responsible for any problems that occur with Internet connection. Please use after understanding.
2.The basic capacity is 4 people, plus sleeping in Japanese-style room, can use up to 6 people. The use of the room is
For 1 to 2 people, please sleep in 1 bedroom.
For 3 to 4 people, please sleep in 2 bedrooms.
For 5 to 6 people, please sleep in 2 bedrooms+ Japanese style room.
3. In principle, the use of guest rooms exceeding the number of contracted persons is prohibited.
If it is discovered that the number of contracted persons exceeds the number of contracted persons without offer the excess usage will be charged.
4.The following acts within this facility are strictly prohibited.
 (1) Use of firearms outside designated areas
 (2) Smoking inside buildings
 (3) The hustle and bustle of singing, etc., odor divergence and other acts that cause disgust and annoyance to third parties
 (4) Bringing in the following items
  (A) Animals, birds, etc.
  (B) Stimulants, drugs, and other chemicals that are prohibited by law
  (C) Explosives and volatile oils that are easy to ignite and ignite, and chemicals that may be harmful to the body
  (D) Unlicensed guns, swords and similar items
  (E) Remarkably large or heavy items
  (F) Stinks
  (G) Articles that impede sanitation of garbage and guest rooms
  (H) Goods that other facilities prohibit from bringing into the guest room
  (5) Acts contrary to public order and morals
 (6) Movement, processing, taking out, and use of equipment and goods in the facility for purposes other than the intended use
 (7) Leaving personal belongings in places other than guest rooms
 (8) Access to facilities other than guest rooms
 (9) The act of leaving a scent such as burning incense in the guest room
 (10) Use of excessive equipment, consumables, and utility water
 (11) Activities aimed at profit
 (12) All other activities that interfere with safety and hygiene within the hotel
 (13) Use of facilities not intended for accommodation.
 (14) Use of fireworks in the facility
5.Maintenance and hygiene management of facilities during the period of use shall be performed by guests themselves.
6. If you lose your facility key, you will be charged the full cost of the key exchange work.
7.If a typhoon approaches, the facility will take measures against typhoons for safety. In this case, functional restrictions will occur on the use of the facility.
A power failure may occur due to typhoons. In this case, electrical appliances cannot be used.
8.If a power outage occurs due to a typhoon or other disaster during your stay, we will not be able to prepare a replacement facility for free.
9.Please separate the garbage generated in the facility as follows and put it in the designated place. .
 ① "Combustibles" such as paper products, wood products, foods, and garbage
 ② "Non-combustibles" such as metals, plastics, resins and petroleum products